House Dad Day One. The Madness has begun.

I was a bit on the nervous side over the weekend.  Packing in my job and becoming a full time house dad was not as easy a decision as you may think.  What was my first day going to be like?

ET (Ethan) is 3 and Jax (Jackson) is 9 months and are fantastic kids with completely different personalties.  ET is the action man whilst Jax is the laid back chillout type.

The day started off with a blast.  Mum said goodbye to the boys and I was left to my own devices.  After giving Jax a bottle and ET breakfast I decided to quickly give our bedroom a clean-up.  I put Jax down on the floor and left the door open so I could check him whilst I cleaned the ensuite.  ET started yelling saying he needed some food so I bolted into the kitchen and quickly peeled him an apple.  When I had got back to the bedroom, I found Jax in the ensuite playing with the toilet brush.  Oh my god!  He had rolled straight into the bathroom from the other side of the bedroom.  I grabbed him and washed his hands and mouth and then the phone rang.

Whilst on the phone I have ET screaming TV superhero stuff doing somersaults on the floor while Jax is in my arms whinging for some unknown reason.  The caller started offering me some sort of holiday to which I offered 2 screaming kids – they promptly hung up.

That was my first 20 minutes as a House Dad, Luckily the rest of the day went well although I am going to need some sort of routine for the boys.

Becoming a fulltime House Dad can be an extremely difficult but infinately more rewarding job, I can now relate to the wife’s anguish at times when I came home from work and find her a bit on the grumpy side.  Unlike a typical day to day job, being a fulltime parent can challenge you on so many levels, including your sanity.

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